A photo of a wireless router with a dark background

Wireless Network Support Services

Having a reliable and secure internet connection in place is an essential need for most businesses. And even though properly wired and configured connections are the fastest and most reliable, sometimes wireless networks are the best avenue to easily connect your devices to the Internet. And choosing the right wireless routers, access points and bridges will help you to build a rock solid wireless network that you and your employees can depend on to complete their daily work. All without constantly weak signals and connection loses.

We specialize in designing, installing and also maintaining wireless networks of practically any size. Whether you have a wireless network in place currently that is performing badly. Or you don’t have a wireless network at your place of business at all. We can help you by designing and installing what you need in place for your network in as short a time as possible. All without unnecessary expenses.

Our Wireless Network Services Include:

  • Analyzing what specific equipment you need at your particular place of business to achieve adequate and reliable wireless coverage throughout your entire facility.
  • Wireless equipment installation and configuration.
  • Network reliability stress tests.
  • Checking for unauthorized wireless devices.
  • Adjustments to enhance your network security and connection speed.
  • And also replacement of any questionable or underperforming equipment.

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