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An Introduction To Managed Services

Managed services, or contracted computer services which is how this particular service may be known best provides a business with either a block of technical support hours each month. Or an unlimited amount of support hours each month, depending on the package structure, for a flat rate during the duration of a signed contract. The contracts could range in durations from month to month, to several years. But the primary goal of the contracts are to limit your out of pocket technical support expenses each month. So, if you have a few minor issues. Or a full blown catastrophe, you’re covered for the same price. Plus, support contracts also provide a high level of countermeasures built in to assist in minimizing typical issues that the average user may experience.

What We Provide

We provide an extensive range of IT support services in our contract packages. Including, but not limited to the services listed below. 

Help Desk Services

Our computer and network support services include responsive helpdesk support for all of your covered employees. We’re never more than a phone call away when and if your personnel has an issue with their assigned equipment. Or if they just have questions about how to accomplish certain tasks with their computers, printers or device scanners.

Infrastructure Support

We cover more than just the connected devices on your particular network. We cover your network infrastructure as a whole. And we perform that proactively with in person site visits. And network infrastructure tests. With the goal of resolving any possible issues with your network reliability and performance before it possibly hinders business productivity. It involves routine tests of your networked equipment. But just as importantly continuously searching for devices that may be over utilizing the resources on your network. Whether they are authorized or not.

Comprehensive Equipment Monitoring

We will continuously monitor your networked hardware 24/7/365 for abnormalities, suspicious behavior, response times and outages. Including but not limited devices such as computers, printers, routers and access points, smart devices and even surveillance cameras if you so choose. And by proactively monitoring your equipment we can investigate and resolve a great deal of issues before they can possibly cause noticeable problems for your particular business.

Proactive Network Security

Functioning in parallel with our equipment monitoring are our extensive endpoint security services, which are included in all of our managed services packages. And with this particular option we continuously monitor your devices for abnormalities, unauthorized use, suspicious network patterns. And any intrusion attempts that originate from outside of your business. As well as any attacks that may also originate from devices previously authorized on your network.

Software Patch Management

We continuously check your computers, printers, document scanners, routers and access points for software updates and newly available firmware. We we make sure to install those particular updates during your downtime to  avoid interrupting your business operations. From critical and optional Microsoft Windows updates to typical software applications. We’ll keep your business as up to data as possible while avoiding updates that fix  a single issue, but then cause another unwanted issue to occur.

Offsite Backup Services

This is another area that really sets us apart from our competition. And it is an option in all of our Managed Services packages. 

We make secure local copies of your data that are stored onsite as well as in multiple secure offsite locations. And those locations are strategically placed to make sure that you always have access to your data when you need it. The difference here is how we perform those tasks. Unfortunately, we can’t go into the details of how we handle this particular area of protection. But as we mentioned before, this is another area that honestly sets us apart from our competition.

We’ve been in business for over a decade. And we know first hand about the best practices on how to handle critical client data backups. And to make sure that they are both reliable and most importantly, secure.

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