Industry Experience

If your industry isn’t listed, no worries, because most likely we can still assist you with what you need accomplished as well with your particular computer equipment.

Healthcare Industry

We help to make medical practices more secure, efficient and HIPAA Compliant. While also saving them money, frustration and most importantly, time. We have provided support services for clients in the healthcare industry since 2003. With medical practices ranging in size from only 2 employees, up to much larger hospitals, medical centers and clinical labs that employ a vastly larger staff of 100 employees or more. And since we specialize in healthcare IT support, we have strategically tailored support packages to fit almost any medical practice.

Retail Industry

With a retail store full of customers looking to quickly purchase products, downtime from point of sale terminal issues isn’t an option. We provide a host of services that will help your business to maintain a higher level of security, stability, and connectivity. While making sure you stay connected to essential services to process transactions and also securely backup your data onsite and most importantly offsite.

Hospitality Industry

We provide a large range of support services tailored specifically for businesses that work in the hospitality industry. From point of sale terminal technical support, including equipment installation, relocations, monitoring, hardware troubleshooting, security services, offsite backup solutions and also printer troubleshooting. To wired and wireless network support for all of your devices, employees and guests. And with extra support for your guests when they need assistance connecting to the on premise wifi services.

Government Agencies

We routinely work with government agencies and organizations of all sizes in several states. And we have tailored our services and products at this point to meet their special needs, requirements and budgets. With a special emphasis on how they function. And who they must answer to in the end with each project.

Non Profits

We also provide very budget friendly support services for non profits of all types. We understand the budget restrictions that they have. But we still can provide them the support, protection, connectivity and equipment they need to get what their organizations need accomplished on a day to day basis.

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