We provide a strategic group of technology support services.

Including, but not limited to computer repair and maintenance, network support, disaster prevention and preparation, managed computer and/or security services and also secure offsite backup services to help safe guard your business data.

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Including Desktop Computers, Database Servers, File Servers, Domain Controllers and also Laptop Computers

Software Installation

From standard applications such as Microsoft Office, Intuit Quickbooks or Peachtree Accounting, to extensive database based applications such as Microsoft SQL. We have the experience that you need to move your business forward.

Wired and Wireless Network Support

We can resolve connectivity issues, poor performance, weak signal coverage and controlled access for all of your business related devices.

Managed Computer Support

Includes a range of our technology support services based on the particular support plan that you choose. All at one low flat monthly charge.

Managed Computer Security Services

We can secure your computer network from external and also internal security threats. From repeated network breach attempts by unknown actors that may be located in other countries, to security related issues caused by accidental actions by your employees online and/or with their email.

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