Our Service Guarantee


We handle each client and specific situation professionally. We understand that there are many technical support companies that you could have chosen to handle what you need accomplished. But you honored us by giving us a chance to earn your business. And we appreciate that.


We understand that your time is valuable. And every minute that your company spends without it's equipment working properly hurts your profits. And that is why we work as quickly as possible to resolve any issues that you may be experiencing with your equipment.


We understand how it feels to have work that needs to be done. But you can't handle the work because of problems with your computers and/or peripherals. And that's why we will do everything that we can to get you back up and running as quickly as humanly possible.

Our support specialists handle each and every single call for service with professionalism, efficiency, a very high level of hands-on experience and most importantly, empathy. Our primary objective is to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction ratio with any project or support request. Our representatives focus on providing you with the very best customer service possible, during each and every single support call that you place to us. But, if for some reason we can’t diagnose or repair the issues that you’re having with your equipment, you won’t be charged a fee. We only ask that you grant us an adequate amount of time to complete the work that you request of us.

We are a highly experienced computer tech support company. But even we can not solve every computer or network issue in just a few minutes. In some situations it may take our specialists a little extra time to resolve your specific issues. In such cases, our support specialists will keep you informed of their progress at each stage of the project or repair. Your complete customer satisfaction is always the primary goal during each and every single encounter.