Comprehensive Remote Access Services

Smith Technical Resources, LLC

P: 1-877-270-0001 Ext 1

Select your current operating system above to download our support applet. Next run the file that will most likely appear in the lower left corner of your browser. Once it opens agree to our terms of service.

And then just sit back, because we'll take it from there.

How do our remote access support services work you ask?

1. To perform diagnostics and resolve your issues, a Smith Technical Resources representative will require access to your computer.

2. Before granting us access to your computer, close any programs that you have running and also any files that you have opened.

3. By clicking on any of the links above or entering a session id and then clicking on “Connect” you are willfully allowing our technicians to access and also control your computer.

4. During the support session you will always maintain total control of your computer. And can disconnect the session at anytime by:

A. Clicking on the (X) in the top right corner of our secure remote access client.

B. Locating the Smith Technical Resources remote access application in the system tray, right clicking on it and then selecting “Exit” or “Close”.

5. Once the remote session is complete or has been terminated by you, all connections to and from your computer through the remote access software are completely terminated. And the software is also completely removed from your computer.

Once the remote session is complete or has been terminated, you will need to re download the remote access software if you need additional assistance.