Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity is a crucial aspect in today’s digital age, and Smith Technical Resources understands the importance of protecting sensitive information from potential threats. As a trusted provider of cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, we prioritize our clients’ peace of mind by implementing robust measures to safeguard their digital assets. Our team of highly skilled professionals carries out comprehensive risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities, employing advanced encryption protocols and strict access controls to fortify networks and systems against unauthorized access. At Smith Technical Resources, we stay ahead of emerging security threats by continuously monitoring the ever-evolving landscape, conducting regular audits, and providing proactive incident response services. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that our clients benefit from the highest level of computer security, enabling them to focus on their core business objectives with confidence. Trust Smith Technical Resources to be your partner in fortifying your digital infrastructure and mitigating the risks associated with potential cyberattacks.

What We Offer Your Business

At Smith Technical Resources, our commitment lies in offering exceptional managed Cybersecurity services aimed at safeguarding your valuable digital assets. Given the ever-evolving and widespread nature of cyber threats, businesses must establish a resilient security framework from the ground up. Our team of cybersecurity professionals brings a wealth of experience in the realm of computer security and is dedicated to delivering holistic solutions tailored to your precise requirements. As a dependable partner, we adopt a proactive approach to fortify your sensitive data and ensure continuous network protection. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses endpoint security management, vulnerability assessments, and real-time threat monitoring, all designed to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks and uphold the integrity of your IT infrastructure. With Smith Technical Resources, you can rest assured that your company’s security lies in the hands of experts who are unwavering in their pursuit of dependable and efficacious solutions. Place your trust in us to preserve the safety of your digital assets, allowing you to devote your attention to what truly matters: running your business and serving your clients. 

Our computer services include, but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Antivirus Software Suites
  • Policy-Based Network Firewall Appliances and Software
  • Endpoint Device Controls
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Unauthorized Networked Device Detection
  • Endpoint Detection and Response Services
  • Extended Detection and Response Services
  • Ransomware Recovery and Risk Mitigation
  • Advanced Threat Controls
  • Anti-Exploit Protection
  • Content Control
  • Comprehensive Incident Investigation Services
  • Image-Based Backups Of Endpoints and Servers
  • Encrypted Offsite Backups with Backup Versioning
  • Endpoint Metric Monitoring
  • Endpoint Uptime Monitoring

Prepare Ahead of An Incident

At Smith Technical Resources, we understand the critical need to prepare ahead of a possible computer security breach to safeguard your valuable data and protect your business from potential threats. With the ever-increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, it is essential to adopt a professional approach and implement proactive measures. Firstly, conducting a comprehensive risk assessment is crucial to identify vulnerabilities and establish a robust security framework tailored to your organization’s specific needs. This includes regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing to identify potential weaknesses and address them promptly. Additionally, developing and implementing a comprehensive incident response plan is vital to ensure a swift and effective response in the event of a breach. This plan should encompass clear guidelines, roles, and responsibilities for all staff members, along with a designated incident response team equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to mitigate the impact of the breach. Regular training and awareness programs targeting employees are also pivotal in promoting a culture of cyber hygiene, emphasizing best practices such as strong password management, recognizing phishing attempts, and understanding the importance of staying vigilant in an ever-evolving threat landscape. By taking these proactive measures and working closely with Smith Technical Resources, you can fortify your organization’s defenses, minimize the risk of a cyber breach, and demonstrate your commitment to maintaining the security and integrity of your data.

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