Managed Computer Services

Managed computer services, or contracted computer services which is how it may be known best provides a business with either a block of technical support hours each month. Or an unlimited amount of support hours each month, depending on the package structure, for a flat rate during the duration of a signed contract. The contracts could range in durations from month to month, to several years. But the primary goal of the contracts are to limit your out of pocket technical support expenses each month. So, if you have a few minor issues. Or a full blown catastrophe, you’re covered for the same price. Plus, support contracts also provide a high level of countermeasures built in to assist in minimizing typical issues that the average user may experience.

How Our Services Are Structured

Our managed computer services structure is fairly simple. We provide unlimited technical support for three user  devices. And they include a user desktop, a laptop and also a smartphone. We also support peripherals such as document scanners, document printers, etc. And you are charged on a per user basis. And not by device.

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