Who We Are

We are a professional, certified and insured computer repair, IT support and technology solutions company that has been in business since 2011.

How Can We Resolve Your Computer Virus Issues?

If your computer is functioning slower than usual, displays pop-up advertisements or maybe you can’t access your system at all because a malicious program has locked you out of it, then simply contact us today and we’ll clean up your computer in a short amount of time.

We specialize in removing some of the most stubborn computer viruses, aggressive advertisements and most other unwanted programs that may have hijacked your computer without permission including ransomware infections.

How Long Will It Take To Clean Your System?

Each situation is different, but on average it takes between one and two hours to completely clean most computers of unwanted applications and viruses.

Will You Need To Bring Your Computer To Us?

No, we can provide you with superb technical support services right in your home or place of business!

What Do We Charge For Our Services?

Unless you’re a contract customer the price may vary. And it depends on the amount of time that it takes for us to completely resolve your particular computer virus issues.

Can You Receive Service Today?

In most situations yes, but it will depend on the amount of work that we have scheduled on the day that you contact us.

How Can We Be Reached?

Simply click on the link below for our contact information.

You may call us directly. Or simply fill out the form and submit it for service.

Give us a call now to begin!

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