Computer Installation Services

We provide a range of computer installation services. From a single workstation in your office, to hundreds of computers possibly setup for a trade show or corporate office building. Including unboxing, user account configuration, network setup, security countermeasures and continuous monitoring for abnormalities.

The Types Of Computer Installations We Provide

We provide two types of computer installations. And they include physical and virtual installs.

A physical install involves us coming to your chosen location, unboxing your computer equipment and installing it in the particular area you have chosen in your business or conference center. And after the computer(s) is set up correctly physically, we then configure the software and peripherals on the computer that you’ll need to get your work done.

The second installation method is a virtual computer install. This particular method doesn’t involve a computer technician coming to your business. But instead we assign a knowledgeable technician to walk you through connecting your computer over the phone. And then they can either assist you with any software that you need installed over the phone or they can handle any software installations that you need by remote access.

Virtual computer installations are the least expensive of our two installation options.

A photo of computer installation that involves a macbook, an iphone and an ipad on a table
What Particular Steps Are Involved In a Computer Installation?
  1. Un boxing your newly purchased personal computer including any peripherals
  2. Connecting and testing functionality of all the included components and peripherals, including the monitor, printer, scanner, multimedia speakers and cameras.
  3. Transferring all of your personal and critical data files from your original computer to the new system , including documents, photos, music, work data files, etc.
  4. Connecting and configuring your new system for Internet access and also for workgroup resource sharing,  if you have and utilize more than one computer at your location
  5. Installation of any additional application software packages that you may require on the new computer, that you have hold valid user licenses, including Microsoft Office, Intuit Quickbooks, Peachtree Accounting, work databases, electronic medical records software, etc.
  6. Setup and configure user accounts for you and your coworkers.
  7. Installation of a proven effective anti-virus and firewall utility.
  8. Installation of current Microsoft Windows updates (This may require a working Internet connection)
  9. Removing any unnecessary factory installed bloatware that you don’t utilize.
  10. And answering any computer questions that you may have about your setup, configuration and/or how to utilize your new equipment properly and safely.

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