Smith Technical Resources Corporation

Who We Are

Providing technical services and solutions utilizing a slightly different approach from the competition.

Founded in 2011 in Queens, New York. And shortly after we relocated our headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee. At that point we focused on building our reputation in the industry of Information Technology one client at a time. It definitely took a lot of hard work. And many, many late nights working through complex issues at various client locations.

After we had worked in Nashville for a little over two years we purchased another technology support company. And added their resources and knowledge to our own. While still focusing on one client at a time. And providing the best services possible at honestly affordable prices. 

Six years into the business we decided to focus on the area where we started. And opened an office in New York. Which was definitely a struggle in the beginning with such a large amount of businesses competing for a finite amount of clients. But we pushed through and opened a second office in Manhattan, New York a year later as well.

From there we’ve opened a location in Memphis, Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois, Jacksonville, Florida, Orlando, Florida, and Hartford, Connecticut.

Why choose us

We don't simply say what you want to hear. We back up what we say. On every single phone call and/or location site visit.

Flexible prices

We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to pricing. We believe in providing our clients with options that cater to their unique needs and budget. Our approach to pricing ensures that we create mutually beneficial partnerships that are built on transparency and trust. With our flexible pricing model, you can choose from a range of packages that align with your specific requirements. Whether you're a small start-up or a large corporation, we have a pricing solution tailored just for you.

Comprehensive support and solutions

Our focus is always on getting you back up and functioning smoothly. We're not just trying to upsell you something that you may not really need, because of some kind of commission.

Top quality technical experts

We only employ the best that each one of the areas that we cover have to offer. They are your family, friends and most importantly your business partners.

High quality business standards

Our focus is always on the end result. And the future of our business relationships. Which is why we suggest and provide long term solutions. And not just temporary fixes for computer problem.

Hands-On Experience

You must do more than simply study Applied Computer Science. You must get down in the trenches and acquire hands-on experience.

Desktop Computer Repair and Maintenance Experience
since 1998
Server Support and Maintenance Experience
since 2000
Wired and Wireless Network Support Experience
since 2000
Contract Computer Support Experience
since 2011

My computer crashed, Smith Technical Resources worked with me to get my computer back up and running! Thank you

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